Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beautiful Things

Well hello there, little octopus...

Might I ask where you are going?? I think you may be lost. You see, the Sound is that way.
Oh. okay. You'd rather be terrorized by a terribly enthusiastic six year old and that small black furry thing growling and gnashing it's teeth?
Okay. Here, let me escort you..

Last week in the spring like sunshine at Winghaven, we happened upon an Octopus. I've been to the beaches on this Island hundreds of times, and have never run into one. I have heard they walk the beach, and this one was in fact, pushing his slimy little body up, and walking the beach! This is the second time one of those "once in a lifetime" things has happened, and I look down at my camera feeling pretty dumb that I don't know how to work the video feature on it.
Doh! Hand slapping forehead. Hard.
Anyways, it was really cool and kept us captivated for a good twenty minutes. Let me tell you, those suckers are fast. I guess they have to be, with all those seagulls over head. We went back and forth wondering if we should put him back in the water before we left, but decided he knew what was best, so we left him where he was. As we walked up the trail back to the car, we passed some more people and dogs, and my stomach sunk as some were off their leash, running ahead of their owners. Poor little octopus. Hopefully he is fast enough not to be dog food. Yipes!

I may not know how to use my video feature on my camera, but what I do know is how to use my other modes. I L-O-V-E taking pictures, and I take a lot of them. Thousands, in fact. Not all turn out, either. Some have bad exposure, some are downright fuzzy and some have horrible composition. Every time I reach for my camera, I always know that there is room for improvement, and that gives me extra incentive to try harder or try new things. It is what I love about photography and also, what I love is quieting my mind, and shutting the rest of the world out. When I look through the viewfinder all is black, a precious blackness,  except for a little slice of life. Set the ISO, pick your aperture, slide your finger to meter your shutter speed, (there's a little more to it, but I won't bore you) and BAM! You've documented that piece of time, maybe forever. It is magic to me, and I love to search for beautiful things. 

I find beautiful things in flowers, in landscapes, in touches, in smiles. In looks people give, in eyes and in posture, and in animals.  In tides, in light, in laughs and in the sky. In nervous giggles, in dancing, in kissing, and butterflies. I might have rhymed there, but by accident! : )
There is a current in this beauty that attracts me and I search for it in all my clients. Luckily, my clients have all helped me out tremendously, making their beauty easily accessible to me and my camera and has made this past freshman year of photography so much fun. I only hope 2012 can be just as fulfilling.

                                                                           I do love flowers

                                               And taking a picture of my girl in the flowers

                  I love catching that moment the eyes lock, and the half smile that goes with it

                   Or, setting up for a serious portrait and getting the cutest yuk face ever, instead

Kids are my most favorite thing to photograph

Maybe it's because the beauty in them shines so bright

Especially when there is two

See? Two is good

Lotsa beauty goin' on right there

Here too. Call the fire dept! Hot, hot!

Three of my most favorite beautiful things

If you might want to capture that beautiful thing in yourself or your family, give me a call or email. The link to my website is on the sidebar. I will be running some great deals come spring time and well into the summer. It would give me great pleasure to add you to my portfolio of beautiful things.  : )!


  1. Awesome awesome awesome!! SUCH beauty in your work!!!

    Where is Winghaven? And that last sentence about adding people to your beautiful things kind of freaks me out a bit! ; ) I think I've watched too many horror movies! See you Wed!

  2. Oh no!! I didn't catch that! It does sound creepy!! Eek! I'm not a creeper, I swear!!! Lol!
    Winghaven is on the North end, as you are headed to the ferry dock. I'll give you directions on Weds.

  3. Yep, I got a little weepy...again!