Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Very Sassy Sarahbration

I love birthdays.

When someone tells me "I don't like birthdays," or, "I don't really celebrate it," I look at them, raise my right eyebrow, and say "reeeeeally??"

There are those of you out there nodding because that's you, and some of you out there that love to celebrate, like I do.

Think about it.


The day you took your very first breath, the day you were born into this crazy little world, the day that the person who birthed you's life changed forever. It is your day. The one day that you can grab, be a little selfish, and say, mine. A day to celebrate!

As I get older, they have become more meaningful. Each year I am more and more grateful I got to hitch a ride on this planet and take another trip around the sun. I am proud of my age (35, if you are curious), and I look forward to every birthday, to celebrate and smile, because I just earned one more notch to put on my belt. One more gracious year spent with the ones I treasure. I must say, I can be quite demanding on my birthday. Just ask Jeremy. Not with gifts, or stuff like that, but with food and attention. I want that day to be perfect, and I want to spend it eating good food with my lovies, because that is what makes me happiest. Spending the day surrounded by love.

This weekend was birthday central. Two birthdays were in need of some serious birthday attention, and family and friends delivered that, and at both birthdays, the birthday love was felt.

You all remember my friend and fellow photographer Sarah, right?

Well. There was a gaggle of us girls that put her in the dark on just how we were going to celebrate her birthday. She knew somethin' was a brewin', but didn't know just what.

There is this group of us that have known each other since we were about five years old, some even earlier. Throughout the years, there has been ebb and flow, but we have all managed to stay in touch, and get together and celebrate things like birthdays, and babies, and weddings. Friendship is amazing that way. We all know Sarah loves a good party, so her bestie planned not just a birthday party, but a Sassy Sarahbration!!!


So. Picture this. We show up, eat some fabulous brunchy food, things are fun and light, and Sarah's eyes are peeled for anything that looks out of the ordinary that can tip her off to the fun. We are outside looking at the garden, and this bus pulls around slowly, as if it were looking for an address. It wasn't just any bus.

 It was a Party Bus.

 Sarah claps and shrieks. Jumps up and down and her eyes are very, very wide. We finally clue her in that this bus is ours for the next four hours as we tour three Winery's in Woodinville.

Um, what are we waiting for???? LETS GO!!!

We have our designated driver, a bus that can fit the ten of us, so we pack the bus, and start our Sarahbration!

The bus is fun. There are bench seats so we can face each other, the food spread is out, and the wine is a flowin'. The windows are heavily tinted, there is music, and this crazy mirror on the ceiling and a pole towards the front. Yes, a pole. None of us thought much of it, but a couple of us wagered on who would be on it by winery #2.

Our first stop was Chateau Ste Michelle.

Violet, who works as a wine distributor, and knows lots and lots about wine, answered all of our questions as we made our way through the tasting list. We taste and taste, and then it's back to the bus and to the next stop.

Here is a very fun tasting room. We get a bit loud, my pictures get a bit fuzzier, and the first wine glass is broken. But, we are ladies, and have lotsa fun, while holding our liqueur well. ; )

It's off to the last stop, and we sit in the sun, share some more wine, and eat flat bread pizza which goes great with the booze.

It's back to the party bus for us, but Violet keeps our glasses topped off as we do our own tastings.

Prince is blaring as is other 80's classics as we buzz down the highway. The laughter is louder as is the singing, and we are a slightly rowdy bunch, and as some of us wagered, yes, a couple people ended up taking a spin on that pole including Birthday Girl.

                                               Sarah borrowed my camera and took this one, : )

                                         This was looking up at that funny mirror on the ceiling.

By the time the bus ride was over, it was time for cupcakes at Hailey's and a visit with the little ones.

We are a fun bunch, the Bunch bunch, and it was so much fun celebrating Sarah's 35th in style. Happiest of Birthdays to you, kind and sweet Sarah, and thank you, all you lovely ladies for SUCH a wonderful, fun, afternoon! This girl needed it!


Today, it was time to change gears and head over to the mainland, and celebrate my great uncle Bob's birthday, and not just any birthday, but his 90th. 90 trips around the sun, and he is not even dizzy.

Uncle Bob married his sweetheart, my great aunt Nolene, back in October of 1944. I can't help but think of how blessed they are to be spending this momentous birthday together. So inspirational, and truly moving. Here, they are holding a wedding photo of themselves back in 1944.

Amazing, huh? Their relationship is beautiful, and celebrating with family today to honor him was a blessing. So, we celebrate you uncle Bob, 90 years, young.


So, boys and girls, the moral of the story, is this: Take the time to celebrate. These are milestones, stepping stones in life. A day to be fun, to have fun, to be loud, to live it up!

There is no time, to let that time, slip away.


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing your great pics.! It was so great to hang out with you too :)

  2. I don't even have words for how beautiful and touching this photo essay is, I will watch it again and again. Thank you Marla ♥

  3. SO SO AWESOME!!! You are the best! Thank you for taking such fabulous photos and for being there, and for being such an AMAZING friend. Lucky to have you!

  4. Oh my goodness you girls have SO MUCH FUN together and I love it! I'm totally going to try to emulate your wonderful ideas when my gang all turns 35! Thanks for the fabulous story and pictures! :)

  5. You are welcome!! What a fun weekend! Whew! That celebration will be a hard one to top! : )

  6. I also really love Uncle Bob's celebration :)