Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hey, hows it goin'?

Testing. One, two, three, teasing, I mean, testing. Sticking my pinkie toe in the vast waters of bloggville. The tepid water gives no warning either way. Do I need a dinghy with oars? a life jacket, or a motorboat? Will sitting at my computer turn out to be a royal pain in the butt, or a blissful release of pent up emotion? Hmmm, we'll see, I suppose. In the mean time, meet the family, the people I will blog about, the people you will adore more than kittens, cozy fleece blankets, or late summer stargazing. Our little trio. Plus Daisy (our bun length wiener dog.)

Suspect one: Jeremy, expert fix it man, champion breakfast maker, and the best UNO player I know.

Suspect two: Me, manager of all things household, crazy holiday lover, and chaser of our little Grace


Suspect three: Gracie, self professed queen of the house, keeper of our hearts, and the sun to our universe

Furry little accomplice: Daisy the underwear thief and winner of the best belly in the world to rub.


 So now the introductions are made, and you can relax now, knowing you always have an open invitation at our visual table. Pull up a chair. Stay. Converse awhile. Keep me company on this long and winding road that we call life, full of twists and turns, dead ends and freeways, wrong ways and detours. Lets bypass the pace car, put the top down, and find our own hwy 101, K?  it's the most scenic, right? : )

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