Sunday, March 18, 2012

Odds and Ends


That about sums up the week.

It takes me about three weeks to step into the running shoes of daylight savings and accept the fact that the precious hour of sleep yanked away will not be given back until we plunge back into the dark when fall rolls around, so these bags under my eyes have set up camp and will stay a bit, I suppose. Can you say, run on sentence? Sorry.

I shouldn't blame the lack of sleep and puffy circles only on the time change, tho. I do blame the Hunger Games book series for a solid 70% of it. I charged through all three books from the hours of 10pm-12:30pm for the last three weeks which I ended up trading for sleep letting a gross cold get the best of me. Oh well. At least I had good reading for it. Great series, by the way. Violent, but great.

I'm not pondering too much in my brain, and what I do ponder, you'd probably find a bit boring. Paint wall colors. What's for dinner? I love my new black boots but they hurt. Is that snow? Yes. Frown. Nope, now its gross sleet. Awesome. Did I have coffee today? I don't remember. Wow. My eyebrows look like a werewolf. What do I pack for Grace's lunch? Paint wall colors again. Did I just spend $40 on paint samples and not like a single one of them? *cringe*  Do I really have to get out out of bed today? Yes.  I will do my taxes today. No I won't. Are the daffodils out yet? Struggle on, my yellow friends.  Ugh, the weather. Why do I live here, again?  Oooo, Ben and Jerry's is on sale... See?? Boring, right? BTW, that was a millisecond of what really goes on up there in my brain where all those crazy thoughts buzz about on a daily basis. I need an office manager and a nice desk clerk up there to help me keep my thoughts in place. Or, 75 degrees and sunny would do the trick. A nice melting away of the mind to make room for only one thought: Sunshine.

On a totally different note, here is what made it in front of my lens these last couple weeks:

It was off to the races last week. Grace has won 2nd place for the past three years, and her eye was on the prize this go around.

She had the need..... The need for SPEED.

 I can't go to these races without almost donning a pair of shades, giving out corny high fives and bouncing to the cheesy Tom Cruise movie soundtrack I hear in my head. It may be a highway to the danger zone for some of these derby cars, we'll see. BTW, Grace's car is in the green slot, #77, the Cupcake Racer.

Tires flew off some cars, some jumped the tracks, but after a couple of heats for the Cupcake Racer, it was smooth sailing to number one. *cue the guitar riff from the Top Gun anthem. I think I will request them to play that next year as the trophies are handed out. It will add a nice touch, I think. High fives!   : ) *

 Good job, Grace!

It was a weekend of Birthdays too, which meant lots of cake, and cupcakes, and bellies full of good food. Have your cake and eat it too, girls. Happy Birthday's Mom and Bets!

Mmmm....Boozy cupcakes...Chocolate cupcakes with Bailey's Irish Cream Butter cream frosting.

It was also an opportunity to toddle around with Jazzy and get some pictures of her being her cute little self.

Look mom. Magic kisses!  I kissed a frog and he turned into my grandpa!

It was a weekend of cousins for Grace. Here are some with Jaren and Alyssa.

Have yourself a good middle of March, not quite spring, light in the evening, dinner in the light, soggy sleet filled, umbrella carrying, wear your rain boots kind of week.

Must. Do. Taxes. Wait, no, paint colors. Must. choose. a. color...wait, no. What should I fix for dinner??? and it goes on, and on, and on.....

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  1. I hear ya! Love the cousin shots and the color one if Jazzy!!