Sunday, May 20, 2012


There are things in life you search out to find, and things that just happen on into your life that fit in like a glove. A couple weeks ago, I mentioned about a new beginning for our little family. I wish I could say it was a new baby coming, or some other super exciting news, but I will settle with being pleased with the news that our beginning we can truly enjoy as a family. Our beginning of adventure.

I just happened to be on the computer late one weeknight a couple weeks ago, and up popped up this cute little 80's fifth wheel for sale on my screen. Just, reached out and bit me, it did. Wasn't even lookin' for one. Now, whenever Jeremy and I have vacationed, as we head down the highway, we have always looked forlornly at campers and RVs as they head down the highway with us. "Someday," we'd say to each other. We'd check out the state names on the plates to see how far away from home they are, oogle at the really nice mansions on wheels, and laugh at the ones held together with duct tape. We'll, no more laughin' and lookin' forlorn, cause we just bought ourselves a beauty straight out of 1988.

Now, don't pass me the banjo, or rip off my t-shirt sleeves yet. I might take a pair of Keds and ankle zip jeans if you have them, though. She may be from the 80's, but this girl is clean as a whistle and as straight as an arrow, with lots of personality. As soon as I stepped foot inside, and saw my girl bouncing around with her tanned legs and curls flying, I was completely sold. Sold on the idea of giving Grace some great memories of state hopping, site seeing, and exploring, something we have never really done. This will allow us the opportunity of stepping out of our comfort zone, stretching our legs to see the world around us. I am so excited, I can barely contain it! We have lovingly stocked her already with some cooking essentials and toiletries, and have even given her a name.

Y'all, meet Lavern.

My girl loves her. If you look closely in this picture, you can see her smiling in the window. But, if you look even closer, you may just pass by the camper and see this staring at you:

Let me take you on a little tour.  Promise it won't take long. : )

This would be our loft. Pull back the curtains in back to stargaze the night sky.

After school she heads straight here to do her homework.

And, play house.

I like to join her, and perch and watch.

Had to throw in a picture of the throne and shower.

Daisy approves too and loves to push her snout against the low windows.

We are looking forward to all the new adventures Lavern holds for us. Lake Quinault, Ohanapecosh, The Redwoods, Grand Coulee,  Lake Crescent, Icicle Creek, Hells Canyon, Rouge River, these are all names that just weeks ago lay dormant in our minds but have sprung to life. Travelers, we'll be.

Okay, you can pass me the banjo, now.

I can't wait!

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  1. Marla - can't wait to have you guys up to the Olympic Peninsula! No more excuses! Forks is waiting for y'all!!!!! Am super excited for you - we'd LOVE to have a camper, or trailer! Congrats on Lavern!!!!