Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dog Days

Well, well, well.

Summer has finally arrived. I won't be snooty and ask where it's been, I am only happy to humph my way around in a tank top, finally, and bask in the evening breeze that floats in through the windows that don't close until bedtime.

I do love August something fierce. These next three months are the months I live for. The late evening sun with warmth like warm, yummy, leftovers. The peak of harvest, where "what's for dinner?"means heading to the garden instead of the grocery store and coming out with an armful of inspiration. Beach, beach, and more beach. I could go on and on.

Even though I love September too, fall is already readying it's jacket and reaching for the shoes, and I am not ready. I pointed out cans of Libby's pumpkin puree to Grace at the store today and said "soon", and we are already talking Halloween costumes, and school supplies. We are finally in a groove where having her home means more work for me, but the pleasant kind, and I will miss her company so, so much come September, but she misses her buddies, and I understand that.


The summer of seven is almost over.

Here are some things we have been up too, in these dog days I wish could go on, and on forever.

           Berries. And in true Forrest Gump style, " And that's all I have to say about Thy-at."

          My Sous chef.  Btw, that knife she is holding is not that sharp, it just looks menacing and makes me look like a questionable mother. It a kids Ikea knife. I swear.

She is obsessed with flying, and leaps off anything high if she has anything that resembles wings on her back. I am pretty positive with my extreme fear of heights she will most likely become a pilot. I am quite sure of it. Sheesh.

                                                        My seven year old butterfly.

    She's got legs. And knows how to use them. I picked up this chippy chap at our local thrift store.

                           One hour, tops, I thought. Ya, I know. I suppose I was born yesterday.

             And here she is. My new butter yellow sofa end table. Worth the trouble after all.

        Summer evenings mean bonfires and meteor shower watching. Blankets and Hot Cocoa,too.

Only thing is, once you get anywhere near ground level, you'd better beware. Daisy's tongue will be kissing you in a frenzied, french kissing fashion. Ew....ewewewewew. Yes. Cover your face.

Ladderball tournaments. We yell inappropriate things at each other right as one is about to throw. We have schooled Grace that "Ladderball language, stays only in Ladderball, K?"  Told you I was a good mom.

                   This is our fan base. They seem awfully quiet though. Almost eerily so. I think it's because they have crazy hair. Yes, that must be it.

We have had a good summer so far. Plenty to do, thankfully healthy for the most part, but most of all, able to spend time with each other, which I can never get enough of. I want to squeeze the sunshine out of each evening and put some in my pocket for later, but for now I will deeply inhale it's lovely-ness. To be true to this, I am taking the next week off from posting, and will return in two weeks.

Skies are clear. Nights are short, but the stars are shining and throwing out invitations to view the night sky with the family. This week is the Perseid meteor shower, and I invite all of you to bring out blankets, sit on the porch, and stare at the sky while contemplating the wonders of the universe while you slap off mosquitoes.

You won't be sorry you are tired the next day. It is worth it.

I promise.

Happy Summer-ing!