Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bowl of Comfort

I though I'd have bragging rights as to not getting sick this time around.

No such luck.

I opened my big fat mouth to a friend this past week when she was surprised I dodged the flu that hit the household. We both know I have an immune system no better than a Chia pet, so this was quite an anomaly. I didn't brag much, but the minute I said, "No, no, I feel fine. I must have had it already," my throat felt strange as the words tumbled out. For serious. It was that fast that karma backhanded me, and made me eat those words, as they scratched their way back down my throat.

The next day I awoke with a rocky tummy, but, went on a trek across the water to Trader Joe's, anyways. By the middle of knocking out my shopping list, my limbs felt very jello-y. I wanted to unhinge them and throw them in my cart. They felt too heavy to carry.

Long story short, three hours later I was on the couch with a fever, aches, and a very, very sore throat. When I finally got the guts to take a flashlight and look back there, my tonsils were twice the size they should be, and covered in white. Ugggghh. Tonsillitis. There are some things, when you are sick, that you just shouldn't look at. It makes it worse. Don't look next time. Yuck.

Swallowing hurt, so only one thing sounded good for breakfast the next morning. Since hamburgers was out of the question, the next best thing that came to mind was, oatmeal.  Mmmmm. Oatmeal. (Think Homer Simpson's voice as you say this in your head)

This isn't just any oatmeal, this is comfort in a bowl.


                                         Mmmmm. Oatmeal.

                              1 Egg, lightly beaten

                              1 3/4 Cup milk 

                              1/4 Cup lightly packed brown sugar

                              1 Cup Quaker Oats

                              1 Tbsp. Unsalted butter

                              1/2 tsp. Vanilla

                              Pinch of Kosher salt

                              Toppings such as nuts and dried berries


                             In a medium saucepan whisk together the egg, brown sugar, and the milk. I use whole milk for this usually, but have made it with 2 percent, and it turned out just fine. After you have whisked it together, add the Quaker Oats, the vanilla, and a pinch of kosher salt. Place the pan on your stove top, and turn your heat up to about medium, and heat it up slowly, whisking lightly and slowly, as it heats. Heating it slow is key, as you don't want that egg to scramble ( Jeremy does this every time. I've watched him make it, and we can't figure out how he does it, so, I don't let him make this oatmeal anymore. I kinda think that was his plan all along). Think, creamy. This is a creamy oatmeal.

Bring it up to a slow boil. It will thicken quickly, so keep watch, and pull it off the stove once it has reached the consistency you like. Once off the heat, mix in the unsalted butter. Ultimate creaminess. Plate up your oatmeal (this makes about two servings), and top with your favorite nuts and dried berries. My fave is mixed nuts and dried cranberries, but, go on. Sista' can get creative with this.

And, there you have it.

Mmmmm. Oatmeal.


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