Sunday, September 2, 2012

Love Letter #2

Dear Cannon Beach,

I am back now from our annual visit.


The days since we've left have been a mess of sunshine, sniffles and sore throat from cold #3, dried grass crunching beneath my feet, and earlier sunsets. I miss the loud call of your shores, and going to sleep with sand in between my toes. I miss your smell that lingers on my skin, the streets jammed with clusters of people in vacation mode, and knowing I can stumble across the street in my hello kitty pajama bottoms for a latte and rosemary orange scone as soon as I wake up. I slept better too, knowing you were near, listening to your relentless sound, like you were constantly throwing the red carpet out for me, beckoning me to come for a walk. I love walking your shores. I have to say, you treat your guests so well, it's no wonder people flock to you.

Our visit was brief, it went by so fast. Maybe because time slips by faster when you are near, like that of a long distance lover. Just not enough time.

I suppose we do it right though, you and I. Taking sweet chunks of time as to keep things interesting, and new, even though we are old friends who know each other well. A little bit goes a long way, even though I wish you lived in my back yard.

                                                          My back yard. One can dream.

We hit some great weather, and Grace got her first ever sun burn. I know. Tsk, tsk. I should have known better, however I get so distracted when I am with you. I get this beachy tunnel vision, and only want to spend time lapping up your beauty. I'm not alone either. The girls were all up on you like it was no one's business, and you opened your heart to them, just like I knew you would.

Grace just had her "best day of her life" here too. She told me so in this breathy, I-can't-believe-it voice, after gliding on your waters. Her cousin has a body board that my brother towed them on, so they could stand up on it, and surf. You see, my girl is a bit obsessed with surfing. She loves anything, and everything that has to do with the sport. If only we lived near surfing waters, I believe I would be right there beside her, surfing too, and we might grow a tail, and become mermaids. She loves you, and she loves mermaids, and surfing, and just today asked me, "Mom, aren't you so excited to go back to Cannon Beach? She most certainly is.

Bina, she liked you so much, she ate you.

I bet people do that to you all the time. You must be used to it, because you so thoughtfully provided floss for after the meal.

Speaking of meals, we celebrated my sissy's birthday while visiting.

We had birthday brownie sundaes, then went for a sunset walk on the beach to watch you put the sun to bed, and awaken the night.

                                                Sergey gives Maria a "Birthday Kiss"


                                  A jealous sister wants a kiss too, so Jeremy puckers up.


                                           A beautiful end, to a beachy birthday evening.

Town is also part of your draw. I love the shops, have my favorites that I visit, and for some reason, came home with everything dachshund. A dachshund Christmas ornament, a dachshund Picasso reprint, and a small dachshund statuette. I think I missed my dog. I know I missed my dog. A lot. You must have known, because everywhere I looked, there was something doggy about your town.

The girls, well, they are just at the start of building the memories that will take them through life. They will remember this, the smells, the taste, the everything that you throw at them. I am so grateful you will take up space in that memory of theirs. I am sure in twenty years around the holiday table, we will hear this: "Hey, remember that time at Cannon Beach? " to start a story. Grace has already planned to take her kids to you too, and told me, "Oh, by the way. You are invited too."

Uh. Ya. I better be!

This is the year of babies, as three of the girls were two and under. There was a lot of "shhh!!" as there was almost always someone taking a nap, but it all worked out. Pretty soon all those girls are going to be napless, and then the game is on. 5 suits to hang dry in the bathrooms, and ten feet to wash off at the hose bib.

Some family style pic were in order too.

We tried for some family ones of our own, beach style, but this was as close as we got:

Grace has this weird dance she's been doing all summer, and this is part of it. It ends with a jump, or crazy body spaz out, something like this:

One of the fabulous nights, I was drawn to the very visual line you draw between evening, and night. The sea and it's constant motion, mirrors into the clouds in the sky, as the canvas changes quickly, and there is always something new to see every time you blink your eyes. A pelican against the peachy glow. A color that can never be translated into any crayola box, ever. A slice of moon, that is too lazy to hold position in the sky. Sand that looks blue beneath your feet. It was all too much to catch on film, so I settled on one task: Rocks and Twilight. So I took the family out for a walk to try and catch your August evening.

And ice cream? Within close walking distance and open until 9? See. You know me so well.

I promise to visit you in pictures and thought while we are away. But more than that, there are pieces of me there always, words that have been lost in your sea, heart beats that have been stolen and melted into your sunsets, footsteps that have been taken by the tide.

If you put them all together, it will have been as if I have never left. I will always be with you, because you are always with me.

Until we meet again,

 I love you Cannon Beach,


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