Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 23, 2012

It's that time of year to drape my favorite fleece over the back of my computer chair again, and daydream about pumpkins.

Autumn has officially hung up it's jacket, slipped off it's shoes, and is here to stay. Not that I mind. This summer has been great, but I am a little tired. A lot tired. Summer has left me totally pooped out. And, left me with the messiest house ever known to man. Ever. I ignored it for three months, since there was much funner things to do, so I did what every (in)sane person would do, and totally ignored my chores. I am so embarrassed, but, I hang on to one of my very favorite quotes: "Good moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens, and happy kids."  True dat.

 (Insert picture of a messy house. I am too embarrassed to post one, so use your imagination well.)

The leaves are slowly rusting around the fringes of the Smith property, and the grass feels like steel wool under my heels. I am ready to feel the weight again of the comforter instead of our summer quilt, as I snuggle deeper into the grey mornings, and smell the thick scent that permeates the house from the slow cooker. There are so many recipes, I want to share it is ridiculous, so I will sprinkle them upon you in doses, instead of hosing you down with them.

Yesterday, following tradition for the first day of autumn, I had Jeremy drag down the Halloween bins from the attic, and happily dug into them. Alone. It seems as though I have spawned a Grinch of some sort. When Grace was little, I made (and still do )  a big ole' deal about holidays. My holiday freak flag flies high and proud. The house is transformed with the many decorations I have squirreled away over the years, recipes are dusted off and pumped out of our kitchen, holiday jammies are ordered and worn. But, I should have known better, and hid my holiday glee, for as many of you know, a child is pre-programmed to naturally become your opposite. Grace shook her head at me when I asked her to help me decorate. Gasp! Out flew the fantasy of mulled apple cider sipping, listening to Halloween music as we laugh and transform the house into a spooky hollow.  She "wasn't in the mood." she informed me, and flitted away as I sulked and decorated by myself.

                I enlisted Daisy's help for a bit, but she scattered too, after becoming part of the decor.

She did, however, decorate the bones on the fridge this morning. Not truly my opposite, I suppose.

Twilight brings the evenings closer, and we go on apple harvesting hunts around the property in the weak light to see what the deer and raccoons have left us. We have a system down: Jeremy is the tree shaker, I am the falling apple spotter, and Grace and Jeremy gather. It works well as we've peeled, chopped, and froze these babies so we can extend the harvest.

September hid and skated by on the sunny coat tails of Summer. All of the sudden October is staring me down, blocking November's shadow, like a good friend. I love October. I loathe the blackness of November. Today is a sunny day, it is September the 23rd, 2012, and I will try my best to wrap my head around that. November's knocking a soft knock at my door, yet, it sounds as loud as thunder, which unnerves me. October, my good friend, please spoil me before I fall, with all your best. I beg you.   XO

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