Sunday, October 7, 2012

I love my job. I really, really do.

Holy mother of craziness, batman, these months have been bi-zz-y!

And, this girl is done dog tired. Stick a fork in me, flat on the floor, timer went off a while ago, pooped out. But, it's good. It's all good.

Sarah and I have just finished shooting the final wedding of our wedding season, wedding #8. It was a great wedding to end the season with, as the couple couldn't get enough of each other. We like that.
Being at the weddings, and looking at it through a lens, is very different than going to one as a guest. When you have a camera in hand, and spend hours and hours shooting, one comes accustomed to catching things that most people miss: glances, glares, flirts, sobs, love, fear, laughter, and details, details, details.



You learn a lot about people, and you learn a lot about the ceremony. The tradition of it, all the different ways it is celebrated. It is so beautiful, because the ultimate foundation of it, is love, and that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

I love my job. I really, really do.


Amidst the very many hours I have spent (and will spend for at least the next month) in front of my computer, I took the first day off in more than two weeks to spend time soaking up a very sunny Saturday. In October. Sunny and Saturdays usually don't mix in this month, but yesterday was one of complete perfection. I got chores done, cleaned up Lavern and sent her to the covered barn to overwinter (weep!), and watched my girl run through the sprinkler in the near eighty degree weather. In October. My smile is so big, I fear it may crack my face. We ate Chinese chicken salad for dinner, and I baked an apple crostata, and we had family movie night, and noshed as we watched Practical Magic, my very favorite Halloween movie. I love yesterday.

This is my winter garden box. I have yet to dig into it, because it is so hot outside. All I want is salad. Soup with kale and chard will have to wait, I suppose.

I had this brilliant idea to spray paint my dried amaranth, black, for spooky decor. It...uh.. well, it's not black, but after two coats of paint, it turned purple. Halloween purple. I added some glitter, so it looks Halloweenie, but not black as I had hoped. Boo. BTW, look at that tinder dry grass. Is is super crunchy, and so, so dry. It's weird to think that in just a couple months it will be a squishy, soggy patch of green. Ahhhhh, seasons in the PNW.

I caught her a cricket. A HUGE monster of a cricket. And, as she tried to look at it, it hopped off her hand, and landed straight into the mouth of a very hungry dog named Daisy. She gulped it down in one swallow. Soooooo gross. Bad dog. Bad, bad, dog. I can almost hear it's sad cricket song coming from her belly.

So, we found a new one, and it survived, but pooped all over her hand, which she was not thrilled about, as you can see by the look on her face.

                                           Not gonna happen, dawg. Nope. Nevah.

The weather looks to hold steady for a bit. These clear, crisp, beautiful mild days with the changing leaves are so great for pictures, so, if you are in the mood for having pictures done for Christmas cards or gift giving, now is the time to call me, before the rains come. Shameless plug, I know. Anyhoo, regardless, go out and enjoy this crazy summer that will not end.

No complaints here. Just a pooped out tired girl, still working on her tan.


  1. I love your work Marla. Especially when it is that little Grace you chase :)