Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall, in full swing

So, I am at Target the other day, trying to track down Pumpkin Spice flavored Hershey kisses, and as I am pawing through the Halloween stuff, all I hear is Christmas music.

Now, I do love Christmas music. A lot. Just, not in October. The isles of the glittery, garland-y, green, white and red, surrounded Halloween like a western show down." May the best man win," said Christmas, as Halloween, shoved into the corner of Target, was unable to shout above the holiday tunes.

My brain was buzzy, and confused, as I gathered my last minute Halloween essentials, and whisper sang to the Christmas music blaring to my right. Feeling a little sheepish, like I was cheating on Halloween, I didn't grab for the peppermint flavored anything, or the holiday pajamas trying to jump into my cart. They had Animal from the Muppet's on them, and in my size, too, for goodness sake. Christmas, why, WHY, taunt me like this?

"Halloween, Halloween. It's Halloween time." I chanted to myself, gripping the cart handle, crazed by the collision of my two favorite holidays. Oh, and by the way, if you are wondering the theme that all the stores are going for this Christmas, it's silver everything, and peacock inspired Christmas tree's and garlands.

All righty. I can dig that, I suppose.

 It took all of my will power at the next store decked out in Christmas garb,  not to buy the leopard printed fake poinsettia flowers. Dang, they were cute. I'm sure they are not for everyone, but, my house seems to need leopard printed fake poinsettia flowers, doesn't yours?

 I thought so too. We have good taste, don't we?


I never did find any Pumpkin Spice flavored Hershey kisses. Too bad, Halloween. You let me down. Christmas, however, has a smug grin on it's face, mouthing to me the words "I got your back," as it shakes a box of Trader Joe's Chocolate covered shortbread stars at me. They are like my kryptonite. Sheesh.


Back at the Smith household though, Fall, is in full swing, and Christmas is still tucked away quietly in the attic.

It was time to break out the press and squuuuuwweeeze out some Autumn liquid gold. I absolutely adore this machine. Head over heels about it.

Along with the 7 gallons of cider, Jeremy and I peeled, cored, diced, and froze 40 cups of apples. Take that, yo. No cranberries or pomegranates here. Fall, in full swing.

Pumpkins, pumpkins. Cannot forget the pumpkins. We finally got our little hineys to the Minglement Roastarie and carved our pumpkins in the Friday darkness, to be displayed amongst the dozens of other pumpkins that light up the corner on Halloween night. Then, it was time to do our own at home, and spookify our own little porch, in true Halloween tradition.

I like to make goodies while the pumpkins are being cleaned out. My way of skirting out of taking out the innards, I suppose. This year, I made apple fritters.

I followed this recipe if you are interested in making some of your own goodies, too. They were quite tasty, although, it took a while to get the hang of cooking them in the hot oil without burning them on the outside, and having raw dough on the inside. Smaller pieces was the answer.

So, just ignore the banging and hollering of Christmas coming from your attic. It will get it's turn. Take some time to celebrate the orange, purple, and black. Howl at the moon, chase down a goblin, taunt a vampire. In a couple days, it will be good ol' Halloween, and then you can send out the troops to open the floodgates of Christmas. I will welcome thee too. Just wait a couple more days.

Halloween's a coming.

   Have a Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

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