Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hometown Halloween

I have this love/hate thing going on with this little Island of mine. I can call it mine, because, I've lived here for so darned long, but,  I suppose I will share it with all you newbies who have only lived here ten or fifteen years, or so. If you have lived here long enough to remember years past when town was silent, and neighborhoods rocked Halloween instead, you can call it yours too, by all means.  ; )

The town of Vashon didn't put on Halloween until quite a bit past my trick or treating years. Back then, it was door to door, in the cold, frosty, evening, ringing doorbells, and giving your best trick-or-treat smile. The neighborhood I grew up in really got into it, and the houses were all decked out, candy was actually chocolate, and the happy sound of spooked shrieks and laughter permeated the hours of six to eight. I am not sure what changed all that. Slowly, Halloween in the neighborhoods fizzled out, as the town wanted in on the fun, and decided to play host instead, much to the chagrin of those who loved good old fashioned trick or treating.

Now, only a few spotty household in those once rockin' neighborhoods get into the Halloween spirit. Town has dominated the arena, and has no plans of giving Halloween back. I do miss those days, but I have grown to love town Halloween. I can see way more costumes, the walk is pleasant, and you can grab a mocha or a plate of french fries if need be.

My daughter has only known this type of Halloween. Jeremy and I tell her of the Halloweens of way back when, and our voices thin, as we realize what we are saying makes us feel very old, as she looks at us very confused.  Halloween? At, houses?  We have started traditions with her, and a tradition for us, since her very first Halloween, has been family from near and far, descending on our little town, trick or treating, then going back to our place for a big chili feed, cornbread, hot cider, and goodies. I love it so much, and look forward to hosting every year. It is something I hope will never, never end.

This year, the sky looked unfavorably down on us, and rained, for the first time on Halloween in a long time. I couldn't break out the camera much, and the dark, gloomy, gray made for some very flat color, and grainy pictures, but, the kids didn't seem to mind, which is what mattered the most. Here is some pictures of the town of Vashon, strutting her Halloween glory:


I hope you all had a great Halloween. I wanted to dress up this year, but didn't. I did, however, wear my costume on the inside. I dressed up as the "invisible woman". November is here, looking for me, hunting me down. I thought I had tricked her into not finding me, but, last night she found me, and plunged me into that icy ocean of hers, and held me under.

 Yes, November is here.

 And with it, the nightmares, and darkness.

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