Sunday, January 13, 2013

Red Zone

 Okay, so I am not a techie person at all. Talk to me about browsers, folders, links, gigabytes, terabytes, control panels, downloads, and I will give you a blank stare. I might nod like I know what you are talking about, but I really, really don't. Inside my head, the commentary is " do what to the what? Then cut and paste what to the where? Gosh, I like your shoes....Just nod and smile...Do I have limes in the fridge?...  2013! I should know what an app is! Get with the program, Marla. Smile again, and google it later. Or not." 

My computer is in the red zone. And by red zone, when I click on the Microsoft flag and click "computer", there is a little bar showing the tiniest sliver of white, and the rest of it is blood red and inching closer to completely filling the bar, which I am assuming is not good, not good at all. I get a pit in my stomach every time I click to wake up the computer in the morning. Will it turn on? If I talk nice to it, will the red recede? Is my computer going to explode or implode? Where is that big red easy button located?


I am pretty sure I have drowned the poor thing in the thousands and thousands of RAW images I have accidentally stored on it. Even though I have backed everything up ( I think..maybe) I am afraid to delete anything, so my computer is slogging through a gazillion pictures, and now all that is left is this tiny white flag of surrender on the horizon in a sea of red giving a pitiful wave. That is my theory.

After a week of almost giving up the blog for a while, I finally painstakingly figured out how to post pictures on it again. For now. In the future, if I go quiet, it is because my computer grew teeth, and swallowed me whole. If this happens, send for help. Message my mom, and tell her I am okay. I'm just trying to figure a way out of the belly of the beast. Alive, hopefully.

Eeeesh. The bowels of technology have me, my friends.

Anyhoo, here are some very late pictures of the holidays.

                Trader Joe's had this fantastic little house to make this year. It is so cute, I think I may over season it and keep it for next year. Or, forever. I am pretty sure it will last, as it already gives back a hard "ting!" when I flick it. Petrifiably perfect.

Grace had her first solo at church with her violin teacher, and did so well. I am very proud of her, and wonder where she got her non-stage fright super chill vibe from. Definitely not from me.

 Remember the post The Story of Sabina? Well, she's done all grown up. Teeth, and everything, including a cute little garbled gnome voice that jabbers gibberish. Say that five times fast. She can.

                               She's also a flirt, and likes to flirt with my man. Paws off, chica.

       My little reindeer, giving some Christmas cheer. Bina in the background trying to woo Jeremy with her antlers. If only men were that easy.

                                                   My pops getting his turn to jingle jangle.

             Another cutie patootie. What in the world are we going to do with all these girls? Tell the world to watch out, that's what.

                              Holla!  This one likes to sing. A lot. This one here, is the family comedian.

Sergey, is a techie by nature, so it was only natural that he got an ipad for Christmas. And, a carton of blueberries. He's thrilled, can't you tell?

                                   My bro likes Seattle. Another Needle, for your tree.

        Grace has been blessed with many cousins on each side. What a lucky girl. I pray, that her being the only kiddo in our house, with these blood cousins, that she will never, ever be lonely. May blood always be thicker than water.

                                    Had to throw this one in because she is scrumptious.

"Santa gets ONE cookie," she says, then only healthy food. Carrots, pomegranate seed, and water. Wow. Where did that come from? Her mom is not strict at all.

                                                            Dude. Sew, what do we do, next?

                           Sew American girl doll pillow cases, and lavender sachets, that's what. And make mama's heart pound very fast, as she squeaks "watch your fingers!", as she hovers, holding her breath.

                              Cute little machine, tho. I have to say, I am pretty impressed with it.

          Dawg was all pupil when she discovered there was a stocking for her, and went berserk.

          Sheepish grin. It took all of five minutes to completely destroy the soccer ball Santa gave her.

            Here are Grace's other cousins. Such a lucky girl she is. And me too. I love my nieces and nephew something fierce.

                                                        Hangin' with her auntie B.

    Getting everyone "synced up." I suppose I should get in there, too. How do you turn this thing on, again?

Here is my Christmas table. I didn't take food pictures, because I was too busy eating. And, eating. And, eating. And, get the picture.

So, that was Christmas 2012. Each year, I am so incredibly grateful that the people I love are healthy, and that we can all communicate and love each other. It is truly the small graces, that make a person whole. There is always a pang of sadness too, missing the ones that should be here, but aren't. Candles are lit, and they are remembered, loved, and never forgotten in the bustle. Always loved.

It is almost mid January, and the new year shine has lost its newness in these past days.

That's okay, tho.

To me, the new year shine has just begun.

                           This has been our walk to the bus stop these frosty mornings. Beauteous.

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