Sunday, January 6, 2013

Let's play pretend

Well, Happy 2013 to you all.

 I hope it has met you well, and that you are feeling all the possibilities a new year can hold. I feel like I am going into the year blindfolded, reaching out to feel before I see. I have not made our yearly calendar yet (!!!), and haven't even started designing it, so I have no dates to scrawl on where days are scheduled, even though they are. It feels weird and somewhat free-ing to not have a calendar staring back at you, telling you your future constantly.  Ahhh, the freedom of pretending that how you spend your days are up to you, and not the other way around. I do like to play pretend. : )

We are doing some renovations about the house, and just yesterday started swinging the hammer. Drywall dust is floating in the air, closets are being cleaned and ripped out, and the panic is setting in.

Yep, we just demoed a wall....Yep, the drain pipe from the upstairs bathroom is in the middle of the wall we want do we reroute it...Where is this new pipe going to go...we are not plumbers, but, let's pretend we are.....Oh, hey, I know!! Jeremy! Let's pretend we are contractors, too!! Do you still have that pair of overalls? Now, where is my hard hat? Eek!!!

We have big plans for the renovation and are doing a lot of the work ourselves. I have a feeling we will be meeting guests at the door with an embarrassed smile and will say the words "work in progress", more than a million times as they traverse ripped up floors, sharp stuff everywhere, and see through walls for the next year or two. I am excited and nervous and ready. I can't wait to say "welcome to our new abode" when we are all done, and I can flop on the couch with a fleece blanket and enjoy my new surroundings. 2013 is going to be the "year of renovation," and maybe not just with the house, I feel a change too, a creative crack in the foundation, and I want to chase that stallion, my creative beast, but where is it leading me? I can't wait to find out.


Christmas 2012 was very pleasant. Grace and I were sick (no surprise there) up until a couple days before, but we managed to get prep done, and were able to enjoy the holiday, which I was very grateful for. 

Christmas eve was spent with my side of the family, and the gaggle of girl cousins that make up "The Girls," as they are all fondly known as. I think I might try and change that to "The Posse." I like that better, and it feels more western movie-ish. It makes me think of a lasso which is what you need when they are all together, bouncing off the walls.

Aaaaand, here is supposed to be our story of Christmas in pictures, but, Blogger isn't letting me put pictures on tonight. It won't even let me browse to find them. So, I will post the seconds half of the post sometime this week when it will let me put pictures on. Sheeeesh!!

Until then, my friends!

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