Sunday, December 23, 2012

Creative Beast

I really should be wrapping presents, or cleaning something, or prepping something, but instead I just got done with two hours worth of cuddle time with Grace and Jeremy, lazily watching our coveted food network cook off shows, fireside, under the soft glow of the Christmas tree. If I could pause those two hours, I would. I love the coziness of pre-Christmas. I do love the day itself so much, but it also makes me sad, because it means the world will soon be back to houses without Christmas lights, carol-less music, and boring old, boring.

Being another year older, and possibly a bit wiser, or maybe weathered is a better word, I am cautiously optimistic for 2013. It seems like a year ready to have the thick red curtains pulled back. A mysterious year, ready to unfurl some magic. What do you have up your sleeve, 2013? I don't know, wait and see... it whispers, with a tip of it's hat, a coy smile curling at it's lips.

I have to say, I am already feeling conflicted. I don't stay put very well. If you remember my resume, I like to learn new things on about a three year basis. One new thing I really badly want to learn how to do, is oil paint. I have no plans of hanging up my photography, not even, but, this creative beast inside, wants to learn it all. And, oil painting, it wants. I've tried to explain this beast to Jeremy, and have explained it like this: It is a wild stallion inside me that roams free. I try and catch it, chase it, tie a noose around it's neck, but I can't. It runs wild, freely, bucking and snorting, kicking and galloping,  and when I do catch it, it is not for long before it breaks free and runs, rope trailing behind it. That is how it feels.

So there you have it. My creative beast.

Can I catch this beast in 2013? Probably not. Besides, horses in corrals make me sad. Horses that run free, I love to watch.

I do hope, whoever reads this and beyond, that 2013 will meet you and keep you in good health and happiness. I hope this is "the" year for you, a great year, a fond year that when looked back on, has treated you well. A year filled with love and dreams, starry skies, and full hearts. That and more, is my wish for you.

Sending love and wishing you a very Merry Christmas to you all,

           The Smith family

*Will be back in two weeks! Taking a winter break! : )


  1. Love the post and the pics! You will move forward in what ever art form you choose.

  2. Find a class on oil, I am there with you, would love to learn too. Merry Christmas happy new year!