Sunday, December 2, 2012

Plateau's and hot wings

I am stuck on this crazy plateau.

The pouring out of pent up memories has me reeling a bit, and hiding out. I feel I have bared too much, and have yet to feel that it was helpful to let it all spill out. So, I sit here on my indifferent plateau, not feeling the need to slip down, or feeling the need to climb out. Just staying put. I even dreamt about it last night. I was on this tiny trail on the steep side of a mountain with a massive cliff edging it, and crashing waves down below. Being one that is incredibly afraid of heights, I just hung on to the rocks on the side of the mountain with fingers tight, hanging on for dear life, not wanting to move one tiny inch. I wasn't alone. There were people with me. There was this very slim, rocky, rim for people to walk on that was just past me, but it was treacherous, and the random people that tried to climb past, either stumbled and fell off the cliff, or couldn't get past me. Isn't it weird when you dream of complete strangers? Where do they come from in your dreams? Are they people you have not met, but have seen before? Or is your brain making you friends? Intermixed with those random strangers, were people from high school (darn you, fb!), and newer friends. Some were jumping off the cliffs, and falling into the crashing waves below, which no one would have survived in real life, and then there were people that were stalling, until someone would grab them, and toss them over the side whether they liked it or not. Anyhoo, the dream went on like this, then at the end, I was somehow in a restaurant picking from a menu with 100+ types of buffalo hot wings....dreams....plateau's and hot wings.....go figure.

December has moved on in, and so has the rain. I look at the forecast every night, why? I don't know. I should know by now it will be the same forecast for the next five months, temps 40's-50's, rain, with micro moments of sun.  I guess I am hoping for the s-word. I could use a coating of magical snow to come whisk me out of my funk, and show me some beauty.

We are decorating over here. Our nephew came to stay with us last weekend, so I had two elves helping me decorate, which I loved.


We've also been doing some remodeling.

Grace's books have been stacked in the upstairs hallway for months, waiting for a home. We finally gave her a hammer, and she went to town. We said, "Grace. Go make yourself a bookcase, so we can go through the hallway not sideways anymore. So, she did, and now, here is her new bookcase. We will hire her out to the right person. Payment will be made in the form of milk and cookies....and maybe the new Taylor Swift CD she's been wanting.   ; )!


I have a very important photo shoot coming up, but the kicker is, it is all indoors, so, mama got a new toy.

A new set of studio lights!  So, I've been cramming all the information I can on how to shoot with these suckers, and let me tell you, it is very intimidating, and has a completely different set of rules from shooting with natural light.  Must practice.  Lots to learn in a very short amount of time.  Eeeeeek!!!


So, that is the story, morning glory.

Things have been rough, but I sit on my plateau and I stay until a hand comes down to pull me up, or a yank at my ankle comes to pull me down.

At least I have buffalo hot wings.

 : )

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