Sunday, December 16, 2012


Here I am, staring at a blank page staring back at me.

I really have no words, and don't feel like writing, and just like so many other of you, I am silenced by a deep heartache.

The right words fall away perhaps because their are none to be had, or perhaps words feel too little to even come close to soothing hearts that feel so much pain right now. Instead of words, I offer you, the people of Newtown, the deepest of prayers that there will be a net to catch you, arms to hold you, and that you can feel the love and support from a collective world that mourns with and for you.

A mama I don't know, a very brave mama, stepped out with her story, and does know what to say. She wrote an eye opening piece that I believe should be read by many, so instead of my words that feel so small and insignificant, I invite you to read hers, a cry for help that we, as a nation, should all hear and tend to.

Please Read Me

Hugs, love, and light to help you navigate this darkness. Sending it all your way. Love~M


Last week, we made gifts.


We made bird seed ornaments to hang outside for your feathered friends.

This would be a good craft to do with your little ones this week, on these cold, wet evenings. It is a quiet, fun, and messy project.  But, messy is OK. We swept up the mess and crumbled castaways into a bag that we dip a small bowl into, and my little one scatters seeds on her way to the bus stop in the mornings.

You can find the instructions and ingredients here

Here are some tips:

  *Pack it in pretty tight, as tight as you can. Help your littles do this, as if it is not packed,
     it will crumble when you take it out of the mold.

  * Cut straws to leave in your feeders as they dry for a hole to put twine or ribbon through
     to hang them.

   * Make sure when you put the straw in that it is not close to the edge at all. Many of ours
      were accidentally inserted at an angle, and too close to the edge, resulting in a crumbly
      mess that you can't hang.

    * Use cookie cutters that don't have any thin fancy details that hang out. A star, a heart,
       an acorn, a gingerbread man works best and hangs as a nice solid piece.

    * Be prepared to loose some. We lost about half  to a crumbly mess, but the half that
      did work, look great.

 We strung ribbon through to hang them, and packaged them up in clear bags and a raffia bow.

 If you do these, please post pictures on your fb, I would love, love to see them!

Give your kiddos an extra hug. A hug from me too, while you're at it.

Enjoy them, breathe them, love them.



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