Sunday, March 24, 2013

A week in review

Not much goin' on this week.

It has mainly been spent jumping back into the routine of it all after calling the couch my home for the duration of  "the great cleanse of 2013". I do miss couch time something bad. I got quite used to it, and fond of ignoring the most mundane aspects of everyday life. Hanging out under fleece blankets, a glass of iced ginger ale by my side, having myself a little Weeds marathon on Netflix. It's amazing what your brain throws away. I've watched the series before, yet have managed to forget 90% of it, so it was like seeing it all over again. Fancy that, getting old and forgetful. The perks are few, but fun.

The house renovation that has been eeeking its way forward for the past two years at a slugs pace is finally progressing.

This is a before picture of my little pantry:

And this is after the cloud of drywall dust and loud obnoxious noise:

Uh. Help?

This is my new pantry space, minus the toilet, of course. Booyah. I know. I can't wait to do a little jig in there, and play house in my new space. Lots of work has yet to be done, but I can taste the organization. It is toxic and heady, and I am so excited to not have to unload a whole pantry shelf to get to my rice cooker. I need not jewelry, fine cars, or swanky restaurants. Dangle a new pantry in front of me and I am all yours. Lucky for me, Jeremy is very handy with that sort of thing. My kinda guy. ; )


Grace has been taking sewing classes. I am a little jealous and want to hide behind the quilts that hang in the studio and secretly learn too. As a serious seamstress wannabe, I will forgo being taught, and have my daughter live the dream, instead. She is tickled with the lessons, and has already made tote bags, a skirt for her AG doll, and a headband. This is a craft I am very happy for her to learn.

When I enter this shop, my brain does these cartwheels and my heart goes a little flippy flop. You can smell creative in here. It smells just like fabric, but with color. The sun pours into the work area where the girls sew, bathing the tables with soft golden light. Machines hum, and a puff of steam escapes into the air as one of the girls is done pressing her seams.That is the atmosphere in there. Quiet. Calm. Warm.

The miles and miles of fabric is kept away from the rays that may fade it, but it is still well lit in the back. As I wait for the class to be done, I gaze longingly at the potential that is begging to happen.

There are these tight little aisles that run the labyrinth throughout, just the right size for meandering, and chewing on ideas. Everywhere you look, the selection grabs you. Cat paws, polka dots, Santa Claus, spiders, chevron stripes, mushrooms and cute owls. You name it, it is there. And, Nesting doll fabric??? Dude, you already had me at hello. I just might buy the bolt only to keep in my closet and hug once in awhile. I am sold.

Ahhhh. The Quilt Shop. Sigh. Move my new pantry in here, and I just might move in.


I am taking next week off to do some Church goin', egg hunting, Easter feasting, and family loving. Wishing you a lovely Easter to you and yours. Do enjoy.

See you in two weeks!! XOXO~M

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